For those who may be interested, the following is a summary of how my work experience and skills translate into private sector terms.

Teaching, Training, Coaching and Program Development

I am seasoned professional with 20 years of experience in creating, implementing and executing training programs in both on ground and online modalities for learners of varying ages and levels of expertise.I also have hands on experience designing and implementing assessment measures to insure that effective instruction is taking place at the levels of the individual student, the course, and the entire program of instruction. I know how to reach people and to build skill while incorporating organizational values into the instructional framework.

Research, Writing and Communication

My professional research to date has focused on interpersonal reasoning, critical thinking and communication, so it makes sense that I am particularly strong in this area. My results include twenty peer reviewed publications. I am an excellent presenter and public speaker, and have delivered close to thirty talks to a wide variety of both large and small audiences. In this domain of my work I have also done a great deal of editing work for professional publications and conferences. I am more than comfortable working with deadlines and budgets to get things done.

Team Leadership and Collaboration with a Global Outlook

Since 2009 I have played leadership roles in my organization of progressively increasing responsibility. As I send this now I am responsible for the oversight of six instructional teams. These responsibilities include budget oversight, scheduling, mentoring, hiring and promotion, assessment, complaint resolution, compliance with external and internal rules and regulations and quality assurance. In my research too I have spent much of the last ten years working collaboratively across disciplinary, institutional and international lines to complete projects in partnership with other individuals and institutions. These have included work on an international and interdisciplinary symposium during my stint as a Visiting Research Fellow at the University of Windsor, editing responsibilities of varying levels for multiple professional journals based in other countries (Chile, Poland,and Canada), helping scholars in the Philippines prepare a large scale grant application, and a review of innovation opportunities for an international scholarly organization.